Waste Conversion Technology

GeneSyst Plant Rendering

Profitable, Clean & Sustainable ...

Today we can build a cleaner community by converting wastes into renewable, profitable products, such as bio‐fuels, ethanol, butanol, methane, and yeast protein.

Waste can be converted to an asset, not a liability. A GeneSyst system, using proprietary Gravity Pressure Vessel (GPV) technology, is a profitable, self‐sustaining, and financially self-replicating enterprise that generates employment, keeps local resources within the community, and insures a clean environment for all.

GeneSyst GPV technologies, Inc.. is the exclusive licensing source for a unique combination of patents and proprietary technologies for converting waste to energy, utilizing the Gravity Pressure Vessel (GPV).

A leader in American innovation, GeneSyst coordinates autonomous corporate representatives in ten states, and extends its global outreach to 34 countries.

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